Due to COVID-19, transportation has had to make a few changes to routes from previous years. Transportation will still operate for the school year of 2020-2021 but on a limited capacity. Due to the social distancing requirements on the buses, the routes will be pushed out to only transport the students living farthest from the school in the county.

We will have new rules and regulations for parents to read and sign for their students, most are the same but we have sent out a quick guideline for parents to know. One new precaution is that there will be temperature checks done on the buses. We have ordered temperature devices that attach to the bus so when the student walks up the step all they have to do is look at it or put their hand in 3 inches and it will take a reading. This will be done when they come on the bus and when they depart. Hand Sanitizer will be given to each student as they board and when they depart. The driver will disinfect the buses after each run.

We have widened the walking to school area. Please see this map and note that buses will not run within the red boundaries. Student who live within the radius of Sacket Street/ Scott Street to Holman Ave, and from Crestone Ave to Hwy 50 will be considered walking students. For the most part the routes will continue the same for pick up locations, but we may need to adjust as needed.

Evalyn Parks
Transportation Department

Transportation Director

Evalyn Parks

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