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Information regarding the start of school this week

The beginning of the new school year has arrived! We are very excited to see our amazing students again. For this to work we need your cooperation to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please do not send your child to school if they are showing symptoms. Everyday we are asking parents to administer this home screening checklist to determine if their student is able to attend classes. If your child is exhibiting ANY symptoms on either check list please keep them home!

August 8, 2020

Dear Middle School Families, Parents and Students,

I hope that this correspondence finds everyone well, safe and making the best of a difficult spring and summer.  I am cautiously excited about the reopening of the middle school and I am looking forward to seeing everyone and helping all students, staff and parents adjust to and negotiate our new reality. 

As most everyone realizes, this is a unique and ever changing situation when thinking about school, keeping everyone safe, maximizing learning and collectively working through these times.  I will ask everyone to be as flexible as possible, offer each other grace and be willing to see school, learning and safety in a new and different light.  This may be hard and this year may bring challenges, but we will get through this, together.

I will ask that you take some time to carefully look through the contents of this mailing.  Please pay close attention to the registration times and dates as we are trying to maximize efficiencies in a short amount of time.  Please bring your COMPLETED paperwork and fees to school on:

  • 5th Grade – August 17, 7:20-11:20
  • 6th Grade – August 17, 12:45- 4:45
  • 7th Grade – August 18, 7:20-11:20
  • 8th Grade – August 18, 12:45-4:45

As of today, all students will begin school on August 19 at 7:45.  Students will enter the building through their grade levels playground entrances.  5th and 6th graders on the South end (Methodist Mountain side) and 7th and 8th graders on the North end (“S” Mountain side) of the building.  Staff will meet all students each day and help them through the health screening and temperature checks process.

Being on time is always important, especially during these first days of schools.  Student who arrive late will need to enter the building from the front main door.  So, please be on time!

The first few days of school will include grade level orientation, meeting your teachers, learning and practicing the new protocols and procedures for the year around social distancing (in class and in hallways), mask wearing, hand sanitizing and other health related practices and for those new students, a general orientation to the building and staff.

The building and grounds look terrific and have been updated to meet current health requirements of schools. A few of these updates are:

  • We have installed touchless temperature scanners at all entrances.  Each student and staff member’s temperature will be taken as they enter the building.
  • The HVAC units have been updated with HEPA type filters and the air flow in the building has been increased to filter the entire building air supply every 10-12 minutes.
  • Classroom have been reconfigured to increase distancing of students.
  • Hallways and doorways have been labeled to keep distancing practices in place.
  • In addition to daily building cleaning, the custodial staff will be sanitizing surfaces with electrostatic sprayers.  

I would also like to remind everyone of a couple of changes in practice:

  • Students will NOT use hallway or gym lockers.  All students will need to carry their backpacks and materials with them to each class.  You will find a supplies list in this packet as well.  PLEASE purchase and bring to school only what you need for the first few weeks of school.  School supply shopping is fun, but no one needs 300 pencils the first week of school.
  • Each student will be issued a Chromebook to use both at school and at home.  I hope to have these devices in the hands of the students within a week or two as we are still awaiting a shipment.  Personal Chromebooks may also be used if that is preferred.  Devices seriously damaged, lost or stolen will be the responsibility of the student/family.  Please get a case for your Chromebook.
  • Students cell phones need to be off and kept in their backpacks while at school.  I will ask everyone to review the student planner/handbook as well as there is lots of good information in that too.

I realize having a school aged child during these tumultuous times is a challenge.  Additionally, middle school is a time of great change, independence as well as physical, developmental and emotional growth.  Please know that everyone here at SMS is wanting to support your child and you as parents in the best way possible.  Feel free to reach out to any of us if and when a time arises when you need assistance.

Thanks for being a part of the Salida Middle School Family



William Wooddell

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