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SHS Remote Week of 1/18

Dear families, due to a large volume of high school students being placed on quarantine today, SHS will offer remote programming all of next week.  We apologize for the inconvenience as we continue to ensure school is a safe place to attend.  We will return to in-person programming the following week, starting Monday January 25th.  AllContinue reading “SHS Remote Week of 1/18”

CHSAA Update – Delayed Season for B, C, and D Sports

December 7, 2020 Below are the links to the CHSAA’s official announcement on season delays and the link to the Zoom meeting that took place today regarding the same. YouTube link is an Athletic Directors’ meeting to the 23 minute mark in the video- you can fast forward to that point to get to theContinue reading “CHSAA Update – Delayed Season for B, C, and D Sports”


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