COVID Operations Plan

We have successfully navigated the first four weeks of in-person learning, by implementing the 2020-21 Academic Framework. The next priority is sustaining this success over the remaining course of this school year and potentially longer as the world navigates this pandemic. You can also view the current sustainability plan in its entirety here.

We are currently operating in the Green Zone and have been successful with this for weeks. We can now refer to this zone as our baseline for this school year. Should it be determined that the district (or any individual school within the district) is at a high risk due to enough of the metrics being challenged the response would be to shift modalities into the Yellow Zone. This cautionary zone has been implemented because the district intends to fight for as much in-person instruction as possible, as most students benefit from in-person instruction. The overarching theme of the Yellow Zone is that the district or the individual school impacted will tighten the cohorting and social distancing layers of protection. These are the two precautions that can be adjusted in several ways to minimize interactions between the population of students. Based upon the ability to strengthen these measures, due to the dynamics of each campus, each school will take different steps that could range from full in-person learning all the way to full remote learning (the Red Zone).

ECC, Elementary, Crest, and SMS – Due to the nature of these schools’ instructional model, it is possible to create highly effective cohorts or even potentially quarantine one specific class or grade level at a time. We may not need to shut down the entire school for more than the original response time needed to assess the risk.

High School and HEA – Cohorting is extremely difficult to imagine in our high schools. Students from multiple grade levels frequently are in classrooms together to fulfill their academic needs. Due to the large amount of interaction, it would be exceedingly difficult to see a situation where the high schools would be able to cohort students in an effective manner. These are the schools that have the narrowest margin between the Green and Red Zones. The high schools would utilize a two-week quarantine with remote learning as the quickest way back to in-person instruction.

Our continuum of programming provides the opportunity for us to reduce cohort interactions and exposure as community conditions deteriorate.  This is a key strategy in our design thinking.  We will not break up family units if cohorts must separate. We encourage the larger community to take a cue from the schools and break up their workforce to match the school’s cohorts.  If only the schools create cohorts, but parents and employers do not, the strategy will be less effective, forcing us as a community and school to spend more time within restrictions. The district, through its layers of protection, is actively managing symptoms with families.

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