Salida Schools To Take a Break

November 18, 2020

Dear Families.  

I want to again thank you for everything you have done thus far within this community journey.  I was told back in July we would never make it this far.  Well we did. We showed it was possible to live life, even while facing the threats of COVID19.  It is possible because we have done it together.

The reality is that we have no more tricks up our sleeves or creative solutions to stretch staffing to cover classes.  Teachers, administrators, counselors, and support staff have all been covering each other’s shifts and any gaps that appeared.  Just as I am thankful that our families have shown courage and faced the struggles, I want to express deep appreciation for our staff.  Please reach out to the teachers and support staff and say thank you.  We have all doubled up on duties from kitchen tables to classrooms and found a way to stay in person. It’s time for a break.

We will find a way to finish this week in-person.  Next week, Thanksgiving week, is completely off.  All programming is canceled. The Monday and Tuesday schedules are cancelled, and will be made up later this year. The week after Thanksgiving will be 100% remote for all buildings.  

Our schools have remained a safe place, and we need a break to ensure that we can hold that line.  We also need all of our staff to return from illness and quarantine.  We are going to take a break and get everyone back in the driver’s seat.  Then we will work to get back into our classrooms as soon as possible. Respectfully,

David Blackburn

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