Remote Learning to Continue

Thank you again to families for finding ways to navigate this crazy year.  After completing a full investigation today into the second set of positive COVID19 cases it was determined that all programs need to continue in a remote modality tomorrow, Thursday October 22nd.  At this time there are approximately 250 staff and students within the district under quarantine orders.  Quarantine does not mean sick.  Quarantine is an additional safety strategy to slow and mitigate the spread of COVID19.  The reality is that too many staff are out to continue with in-person instruction.  In addition, staff believe they can complete the best instruction for all by having all students in a similar situation.

We believe there is a possible way to reopen the Early Childhood Center and Longfellow Elementary School by Tuesday.  We need to await some additional testing data to confirm that the strategy safely offers in-person instruction.  Keeping the younger grades with in-person instruction is our first priority.  Both of those buildings will have a remote learning day on Monday as well.  We will see about possibilities on Tuesday. Thank you for your patience.

Salida High School, Salida Middle School and The Crest Academy will be in a remote mode through November 2nd.  All students are set to return for in-person instruction on Tuesday, November 3rd.  Please continue to look towards your school buildings for directions on learning.

Horizons Exploratory Academy does not have any connections to the current cases and will continue with in-person learning tomorrow, Thursday.

This interruption is a problem we predicted and are responding accordingly.  The numbers developed in such a  quick way that we needed to move into a “red” response zone.  On the school’s end we will begin working on getting back to in-person instruction.  We will look at our “yellow” strategies, and anything else we can come up with.  We know in-person instruction is best for most kids and for our community at-large.

On your end as a family I am asking that you reduce your social circles.  Today’s cases were a result of travel and spread through social circles.  Reducing school programming will have no effect on our community’s privileges if we do not also reduce our non-school activities.  

This is a hiccup and we will get back to what we all want.  Stay strong.

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