The Plan in Action

Update 8/27/20 – Upon viewing the Community Dashboard today. We now have 6 new cases in the past week, which means this metric is no longer being challenged. However, we are still monitoring the situation closely.

On 8/25/20 a new positive case of COVID19 was identified within Chaffee County.  The most recent case is being reviewed and monitored by school districts, public health, and medical advisors.  According to the metrics being used ( see full metrics here ), the two week trend of new cases countywide is 9, which challenges transmission metric number 4 from one potential perspective.  Currently the hospital does not have any cases being treated AND is adequately prepared to handle a surge.  Public health’s contact tracing analysis of the current cases is not related to in-person programming.  There are currently 7 cases noted in the last 7 days, 5 cases are in the northern end of the county and 2 are in the southern end of the county.  All 7 are at home resting.

Per our reopening plan, we reached out to the response team formed of local medical professionals to analyze this challenged metric and see if we needed to proceed into the yellow zone of our plan. The response team was quick to engage the school’s request for a review of the situation.  The team evaluates the situation from multiple measures to determine risks and responses.  The county’s testing and tracing capacity has been able to keep up with the reopening of school, providing the needed information to make good decisions.

Both public health and the medical advisors do not perceive a need to change school programming response.  Close monitoring of all metrics will continue.


David Blackburn

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