First Day of School

I wanted to update parents that the first day of school went extremely well. The most important thing I can say is THANK YOU for trusting us with your students today. I understand how difficult it can be to allow yourself to be vulnerable, but your trust and courage is what will get our community through this time together.

Most of the school’s protocols worked, and worked efficiently. I walked the facilities and looked in every classroom in the district. We were able to identify a few minor areas of improvement, and teams have adjusted their plans this afternoon as needed. However, very few procedures needed modifying. An example of one of those modifications are that we were able to determine how to improve the flow of lunch in the elementary school to give students more time to eat. Additionally, the high school was able to tweak the flow of traffic that occurred early in the day as students tried to navigate traffic through the halls while socially distancing. Overall, improvements needed were minimal and more related to increasing efficiency rather than breakdowns in safety.

The observation that encouraged me the most was that none of the buildings or classrooms felt like an institution. I don’t know how else to say it, it looked like school. There was laughter and life in the buildings again. Our many precautions didn’t kill the magic. 

We are still navigating some issues like scheduling for students. At the high school level, we are running into issues with class sizes and trying to accommodate everyone’s needs. Please continue to be patient with us and flexible as we simply cannot accommodate everyone at the same levels we have in the past. Thank you for raising your children to be the amazing individuals that they are, and for instilling in them this idea of being adaptable. Your children were able to navigate today with incredible grace and strength. That speaks highly of your parenting.

If you are looking for more information, continue to monitor our new website Also, for answers to many questions about safety and terminology as we work through this year please refer to the new FAQs provided by Chaffee County Public Health found here.


David Blackburn

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