Superintendent’s Updates

August 18th, 2020

Again, I want to thank you for your continued support as we prepare for the coming weeks of returning to in-person learning this Fall. You have received a lot of information recently, so this communication is only going to have a few critical updates that are very important for the start of school tomorrow.

The conditions in the community remain stable at this point, so we are proceeding with in-person learning under the Green phase of our reopening plan tomorrow morning. We are ready. If we all work together, we believe strongly that we will be able to continue teaching students in our facilities for most of the year.

Updates to At Home Screening


We are taking a very rigid and conservative approach to students showing symptoms. We believe keeping symptomatic students home from school is our first layer of protection, and possibly the most important thing you can do to help us continue to have in-person learning.

Please go through the NEW daily symptoms checklist every morning, and if your student has ANY symptoms DO NOT send them to school, without medical clearance. This practice is important not only for our schools, but also to help our medical community adapt. Please use the new form found here!

As a reminder, if your child has a pre-existing condition, you may want to seek medical clearance before school starts to avoid the inconvenience of having your child sent home.  A physical doctor’s note is required.  If we do not have clearance from a doctor, and your student is showing ANY symptoms of COVID-19 then they will be examined by a nurse and likely sent home to be evaluated by your primary care physician. 


The goal of these first two weeks is to test and improve our systems. With that in mind, remember that the schedule for this week is unique. Students at all facilities, will not be allowed to enter the buildings until 7:45. Longfellow students will be finished on at 1:30. Secondary schools will all be released at 1:45. Staff will use the remainder of the day to identify areas for improvements.

Want to know more about the opening schedule?  Click here.

For all updates and information, please refer to our new COVID-19 school website.


David Blackburn

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