Lunch Menus for August

UPDATE 8/16/20! Menus for the schools are available for the remainder of the month!

Copied from the August 4th ‘Update from the Kitchen’ Post: We are going to proceed with a non-contact breakfast and lunch program.  All food, milk and dinnerware will be handed to the student except at LES.  There will be no salad bars, fruit bars or options.  Longfellow Elementary School, Salida Middle School, and Salida High School will prepare a meal each day from our standard menus to include a meat/meat alternative, grain, vegetable, fruit and milk.  We will continue to comply with the nutritional component requirements of the National School Lunch Program.  We are not going to serve ‘heat and serve’ prepackaged items.  We will scratch cook like we have in the past. At this point we are not anticipating changes to the Early Childhood Center, The Crest Academy, or Horizons Exploratory Academy other than minor changes to how lunch will be served, however this is a constantly changing system so check back on this site often for updates. We are going to continue receiving commodities from the USDA program and produce from Guidestone. We won’t have the ability to provide multiple options at meals. Our plan is that Kitchen Managers will enter the PIN so the students are not touching the PIN pad.  We will put out a monthly menu for each school like we always have so that parents can plan ahead for their students and that will be posted on this website.  

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