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Updated COVID Operations Plan
Thank you again to families for the support over the last two months. it has been inconvenient for all of us to overcome the …
Updated Daily Health Screenings
It has been a good three weeks of opening school.  We have all learned how to do things a bit differently.  We appreciate how …
The Plan in Action
Update 8/27/20 – Upon viewing the Community Dashboard today. We now have 6 new cases in the past week, which means this metric is …
First Day of School
I wanted to update parents that the first day of school went extremely well. The most important thing I can say is THANK YOU …
Crest Academy Info
Principal Jill Davis breaks down exactly what to expect in an uncertain COVID-19 world while at the Crest Academy in the following resources. For …
Public Health and Salida Schools – FAQs
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has offered guidance to Public Health and the School districts to develop the procedures to …

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2020-2021 Reopening Plan Response Levels

(This plan is ever changing as new information becomes available so check back often!)

View the current COVID Operations Plan or a brief outline!
View the resources and data being analyzed by the district to develop this model!
View a list of the precautions being taken to reduce risk!
View the letter from local authorities in support of reopening with this model!

View the specific metrics being analyzed daily to determine current level! (If one of the thresholds is being met, then the crises team will meet to determine the best course of action.)



Green – Current Level

Our facilities will be open as they have been in the past for in person education with extra precautions taken to minimize the spread of COVID-19



Should any of the metrics in the Green zone be challenged in our community, increased quarantining and cohorting strategies will be implemented requiring the community to support more remote learning.



Facilities will be closed for in-person learning and all education will return to home based learning.


“Salida has figured out how to navigate more than one crisis. We will just have to do it again. There is little information that is stable, and only one constant – we have to move forward.”

David Blackburn



From the School Board

The mission of the Salida School District, in active partnership with family and community, is to ensure that each and every student is prepared to succeed in life, by providing quality instruction and progressive curriculum in a secure and challenging environment which will empower students with the skills necessary to achieve their greatest potential.

Regular Board Meeting – September 8th – 6:00pm – Zoom link found here! Minutes from previous meetings can be found here!